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Retirement Income Strategies

Ensuring a consistent and reliable income during retirement is paramount. At Ryan Koh Advisory, our Retirement Income Strategies are designed to create a stable foundation for your golden years through CPF Life Planning, Annuities, Dividends, and more.

CPF Life Planning

Receive tailored advice on Central Provident Fund (CPF) schemes, including the best options to maximize monthly payouts with Ryan Koh Advisory.

Annuity Planning

Discover fixed monthly income through various annuity plans available in Singapore with our expert guidance.

Dividend Income Planning

Strategies to build a portfolio that generates consistent dividend income, tailored to your needs.

CPF Optimization

Ryan Koh Advisory provides insights on CPF contributions and withdrawal strategies, aligned with Singapore's regulations.

SRS Contributions

Receive planning and advice on voluntary contributions to save on taxes and build a retirement fund.

Elderly retirement planning

Secure Tomorrow, Today:

Your Pathway to a Comfortable and Worry-Free Retirement Awaits

Secure Tomorrow, Today:

Your Pathway to a Comfortable and

Worry-Free Retirement Awaits

CPF Life payout

Do You Know? Your monthly payouts from CPF LIFE are not a one-size-fits-all figure. Factors such as your total CPF savings at age 55, the plan you choose, current interest rates, and the age when you begin payouts can significantly affect the amount you receive each month.

Investment Management

Investment management is a key component in growing and preserving your retirement savings. Ryan Koh Advisory's personalized approach to risk-adjusted portfolio construction and ongoing portfolio review empowers you to invest with confidence.

Risk-Adjusted Portfolio Construction

Creating a personalized investment portfolio considering your risk tolerance, timeline, and retirement goals at Ryan Koh Advisory.

Ongoing Portfolio Review

Regular assessments and rebalancing to align with market conditions and your changing needs, with our professional oversight.

Do You Know? As you approach retirement, the focus of your investment strategy may shift from capital appreciation to capital preservation. This transition requires careful rebalancing of your investment portfolio to align with your changing risk tolerance and financial goals. Without proper rebalancing, you might be exposed to unnecessary risks or miss opportunities to preserve your wealth.

Balancing investment portfolio

Healthcare & Insurance Planning

Navigating healthcare costs in retirement requires careful planning and foresight. Ryan Koh Advisory offers strategic guidance on Medisave, Medishield Life, and Long-Term Care Insurance to protect your health without compromising your financial stability.

Medisave and Medishield Life Planning

Guidance on the optimal use of these schemes to cover healthcare costs during retirement with Ryan Koh Advisory.

Long-Term Care Insurance Guidance

Insights on available long-term care insurance options in Singapore through our specialized services.

Do You Know? Long-term care is becoming an essential aspect of retirement planning in Singapore. With a rapidly aging population, it's estimated that 1 in 2 healthy Singaporeans aged 65 could become severely disabled in their lifetime, requiring long-term care. Furthermore, the average cost of nursing home care in Singapore can exceed S$1,200 per month. Long-term care insurance is a strategic way to manage these potential costs without depleting your retirement savings.

Elderly healthcare

Estate Transition & Legacy Planning

Preserving your legacy and ensuring a smooth transition of assets is an integral part of comprehensive Retirement Planning. Ryan Koh Advisory's expertise in Legacy Planning and Will and Trust Formation provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Legacy Planning

Guidance on wealth distribution to heirs and charitable causes, preserving your legacy with Ryan Koh Advisory.

Will and Trust Formation

Understand the importance of drafting and maintaining legal documents to ensure a smooth transition of assets.

Expatriate Planning

For non-Singaporeans or Permanent Residents retiring in Singapore, Ryan Koh Advisory offers specialized planning in line with Singapore's regulatory environment.

Estate planning

Do You Know? Without a legal will or trust, your assets may not be distributed according to your wishes. With our guidance, ensure a smooth transition of your legacy to your loved ones.

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