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Estate Planning

Shape Tomorrow Today:

 Secure Your Legacy and Gift Future Generations Peace of Mind

Shape Tomorrow Today:

Secure Your Legacy and Gift Future Generations Peace of Mind

Will & Trust Drafting and Management

Crafting a secure future for your loved ones requires precision, foresight, and the right legal instruments. Through Will and Trust Planning, you can gain mastery over how your assets are distributed and managed.

Will Drafting

Crafting a legally binding Will in accordance with Singapore's laws, customized to your wishes.

Will Storage and Updating

Secure storage solutions and regular reviews to keep your Will current and compliant.

Living Trusts and Testamentary Trusts

Exploring various Trust structures and how they align with your Estate Planning goals.

Trust Management Services

Professional management of Trusts, ensuring compliance with Singapore regulations.

Writing a Will

Do You Know? In the absence of a Will, the process of estate distribution in Singapore can be both time-consuming and complex. Governed by the Intestate Succession Act, the distribution of assets without a Will can take anywhere from 6 months to several years, depending on the complexity of the estate and potential legal disputes among beneficiaries.

Personal Empowerment and Healthcare Security

In life's most unpredictable moments, having control over personal and healthcare decisions is paramount. Our comprehensive services in Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) Drafting and Advanced Medical Directives ensure that your wishes are respected and your well-being is secured, even when you can't voice them yourself.

LPA Drafting and Registration

Assistance in crafting and registering an LPA, tailored to your specific needs.

LPA Revocation and Alterations

Guidance on changing or revoking an LPA as circumstances evolve.

Advanced Medical Directive Creation

Assistance with drafting and legalizing Advanced Medical Directives in Singapore.

Healthcare Proxy and Medical Planning

Ensuring that your medical wishes are honored through thoughtful planning and documentation.

Do You Know? Creating a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in Singapore is not only a vital step in securing your future decisions but also an affordable process. The cost of making an LPA in Singapore can range from SGD $75 to SGD $200, depending on the complexity and whether a professional service is engaged.

It is Free for Singaporeans creating LPA using Form 1 (till 31 March 2026)

Last Power of Attorney
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