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Empower Your Child's Future:

Plan Today for a Bright Tomorrow

Empower Your Child's Future:

Plan Today for a Bright Tomorrow

Understanding the Costs of Education in Singapore & Overseas

Grasping the full spectrum of education costs is the first step in effective planning. From preschool to tertiary education, we help you navigate the intricate landscape of Singapore's education system.

Tuition Fees and Extras

Breakdown of tuition fees, books, extracurricular activities, and other hidden costs in Singapore's educational institutions.

Government Schemes

Leveraging government support like Edusave and MOE Financial Assistance to reduce the financial burden.

Costs and Scholarships

Understanding international tuition fees, living expenses, scholarships, and financial requirements.

Currency and Financial Considerations

Navigating currency exchange, banking, and financial regulations for overseas education planning.

Do You Know? The decision to pursue higher education, whether locally in Singapore or abroad at an Ivy League school, comes with significant financial considerations. In Singapore, the average annual tuition fee for a local university is approximately S$8,000 to S$13,000 for Singaporean citizens, depending on the course and university. On the other hand, pursuing an education at an Ivy League institution in the U.S. can cost anywhere from S$55,000 to S$75,000 per year, excluding living expenses.

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Education Savings and Investment Strategies

Building a robust education fund requires more than traditional savings. Discover personalized investment strategies tailored to your goals.

Education Savings Plans

Selection and optimization of Child Development Account (CDA), education insurance products, and more in Singapore.

Customized Investment Portfolios

Designing risk-aligned investment portfolios for education planning, ensuring growth and security.

Do You Know? While Singapore's Central Provident Fund (CPF) provides an option to pay for education fees through the Education Scheme, it comes with several limitations that families must consider. Utilizing CPF savings to finance education can only be done for approved institutions, primarily covering local universities, polytechnics, and a few private institutions. Furthermore, the amount withdrawn must be repaid with interest, impacting the funds available for retirement planning.

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